What Our Clients Say

My ambition is identified quickly

The Consultant's attitude is sincere. She helped me identify my ambition in a short period of time and gave me lots of encouragement and support.
Sam Cheng
former Assistant Engineer
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Clarity in facing the future

I find the service most helpful in facilitating me to rediscover myself through various tools in a more systematic way......
Now, I feel clearer when facing the unknown future.
Priscilla Hung
HR Professional in Multinational Companies
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I am enlighted by her past experience!

I'm glad to have Krim to do the debriefing session for me. Krim is an experienced Career Consultant, with her professional debriefing, my confusion about the MBTI report has been clarified and I am enlightened by her past experience and professional knowledge in career planning and development!
F. Hui
Personal Banking Manager in a Local Bank

More self-understanding and confidence

All along, I do not feel settled in my career as I'm not really interested in my existing job. After finishing my assessment and listening to Krim's debriefing, suggestions and encouragement, I gained more self-understanding and confidence and was able to make relevant improvement.
Krim did not only give me suggestions based on my assessment, she also shared some of her past experience. I'm so grateful to have met her.
I. Leung
Company Secretary in a Listed Company

She gave me new perspective

Krim's coaching has been very helpful in guiding my career development. She gave me new perspective and made me realise that there are more opportunities and possibilities to explore, and she also gave me helpful tips on how to approach potential employers and useful questions to ask during my job search.
S. Cheung
former Account Manager in 4A's Advertising Agency

Courage to face the unknown future

All along, I'm not sure about which is the right industry for me. But during this process of exploring my "Career DNA", I have gained a lot of discoveries and affirmation. The consultant also helped me to understand my strength and weakness, increasing my courage to face the unknown future.
S. Yeung
Marketing Executive in FMCG industry

I am not alone in this journey of rediscovery

Making shift to big blue-sky thinking is not easy.
Your coaching gave me a new perspective, and more importantly, a new opportunity to rediscover myself.
I am lucky I am not alone in this journey of rediscovery.
O. Wong
Administrator in Tertiary Education

Her advice is invaluable!

I find the MBTI Assessment and Report very helpful in my further understanding of my personality. 
I also appreciated the tips on how to apply the results to different areas in my life, from communication to managing conflicts.
Having a coach like Krim to walk me through the comprehensive report is definitely a plus, and her advice is invaluable!
S. Ko
Former Communication Manager in International NGO
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