Career Development & Consultation

Career development is a life-long journey where changes, big or small, take place in our personal lives and external environments.

Co-Journey provides career coaches, counsellors or consultants to walk alongside with you. They are all professionally trained to really listen, share ideas, explore options and guide you to bear fruits in your life.

Our Approaches - “CHESS” Approach

Client-centred and Customised Approach
Holistic and Inside-Out Approach
Empowering Approach
Strength-based Approach
Spiritual Wellness Approach

Areas of Services

Career Exploration and Transition
Assessment on Personality, Skills, Work and Life Values
Resume Writing and Interview Coaching
Career Development and Advancement Coaching
Workplace Issues Counselling or Coaching
Endorsements from Clients
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We provide:

  • Professional services with high ethical standards
  • Professional and reliable assessment tools
  • Practical Advices and Strategies

Consultation Mode and Details:

Mode : One-on-One (Face-to-Face or Online)
Duration : a minimum of 2-4 consultation sessions (@1 hour)
Location : Tsim Sha Tsui or Admiralty
Fee : from HK$500 per session

Booking / Enquiry :

Do you want to explore your unique career “DNA”?


Your disposition or personality preferences are closely related to your career choices. At the same time, the compatibility of your personality with the work environment will greatly affect your job achievement and stability.
Your core needs reflect your sources of job satisfaction. These include remuneration, job security, promotion opportunities, relationships in the workplace, training opportunities, recognition, and work-life balance, etc. If you lose interest or satisfaction in a job, you will easily feel lost and lack of self-confidence.
Enhancement of your known abilities and exploration of your unknown potentials will definitely expand the possibilities of your life and career planning.
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